We Care ~ We Learn ~ We Succeed

Awhina ~ Ako ~ ŸAngitu


At Tikipunga High School we will provide good leadership, quality teaching, and an environment which engages our community. All of this will be supported by effective governance.

This will provide the foundation for us to achieve our vision that every student:

  • Has the right to be a successful learner.
  • Will be viewed as a taonga (treasure) with talents and special aptitudes which will provide the platform upon which his or her personalised learning program is based.
  • Has their mana (identity) acknowledged and valued.
  • Will not be given up on.
  • Has the right to experience New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the understand the unique position of things Māori.
  • Has their learning needs catered for.
  • Has the provision to study Te Reo Māori from year 7-13.
  • Will be provided with a variety of opportunities.
  • Is confident their successes will be celebrated.


AKO ~ is to be a teacher and a learner, demonstrating ourselves as lifelong learners, teachers and role models among the Tikipunga High School whanau.

MANAAKITANGA ~ is co-operating with others in a group situation. It is ensuring that the tasks are finished and that group members and their ideas are treated with the respect they deserve.

PONO ~ is to remain truthful and honest to the Tikipunga High School kaupapa.

TIKANGA ~ is having respect for the expectations of the classroom and the school.  It is ensuring that we are prepared for learning with all our gear and that our behaviour is allowing ourselves and others to learn.

WHAUNAUNGATANGA ~ is relating to others in a respectful way.  It is valuing what they say and treating others as we would like to be treated.

 “Successful Learners – the only option”