Years 7 – 11


    • Shoes Black flat soled
    • Sandals Black (flat soles) with ankle strap
    • Pants Black dress trousers (ONLY)
    • Shorts Black above the knee “dressy”
    • Skirts Black
    • Shirts Burgundy school badged poloshirt, or burgundy school blouse/shirt
    • Jumper Burgundy badged
    • Jacket Burgundy/Gold/Black only
    • Socks Black ankle or knee length with school colour bands (boys), white ankle (girls)

2014_yr13_uniform22014_yr13_uniformYear 12 – Year 13


    • Shirts – White or maroon school badged blouse/shirt
    • Cardigan – Black (girls)
    • Jacket – Black (boys)

Physical Education

    • Shorts, trackpants, plain t-shirt/top, any colour
    • Appropriate footwear
    • Appropriate one piece swimwear, board shorts or rash vests, or any combination of these. MUST BE SWIMWEAR MATERIAL. COTTON IS NOT PERMITTED.

Unacceptable Uniform Items:

  • Hoody sweatshirts of any kind
  • Mufti T-shirts underneath school uniform
  • Short shorts; Cargo shorts; Jeans;
  • Hats Beanies/ Caps of any description
  • Long splits and mini-skirts
  • Denim, cargo fabric is unacceptable

Uniform Supplier

BETHELLS, The Strand Shop 14 Vine Street, Vinetown.   Phone: 09-438 6566