An opening by the sea

Haramai tetahi ahua !!! Mutunga mai o te Pai!!!

It was Tikipunga High School’s honour and privilege to assist the hau kainga Te Uri o Hikihiki of Whangaruru in the formal opening cultural ceremonies and entertainment of Mr Alexander Abramov Luxury Accommodation on Tuesday the 25th of October. Although, to some the weather was wet and cold, to the people of the sea – Ngati Wai, the rain is symbolic of significant events to do with the tribe. The honorary Mr Winston Peters arrived to the property on a helicopter to perform the official cutting of the ribbon, and our kapa haka not only performed the haka pohiri, waiata for the taumata but were also asked to line on each side of the entry doors to sing a waiata of welcome “toro mai ou ringa”, again a significant song of the Tai Tokerau as invited dignitaries and local visitors entered into the beautiful home. We toured the accommodation then performed interlude waiata in one of the formal lounges as visitors partook of the refreshments followed by a more extravaganza performance, once people had eaten and mingled.

I loved every bit of the occasion because it was my first and i think it won’t be my last time experiencing an opening ceremony of a billionaire.

By Miriarangi Cooper Richards