Kukupa Are Ready To Learn

Community has been new and exciting for our students in Kukupa this term.  We started of at the Hatea Loop to see what was new.  There were new sculptures. They watched a glass blower make a vase and made sure they were back on time to watch the new ‘Rolling Ball Clock’.  Our second community, the sun shined at Onerahi. Last week was memorable for the students.  They were able to relax, snuggle and play with the pups at Klipped.  George explained that his favourite pup was a ‘mini dopamine called Alexis’.  Parata liked the three-legged dog he named Hoppy.  Lilah thought this tiny dog called Blue was cute.  Trinity said, ‘there was so many poodles, I even saw a sausage dog’.  In PE, the students individually are taking part on their lessons.  Liam taught the students how to play Tee Ball.  A couple of Piwakawaka students joined in the fun.  It was good see the students working together and being great sportsman