Learning Support

The philosophy of the Learning Support Department at Tikipunga High School is to ensure that teaching and learning occurs in an inclusive environment. Inclusion means where everyone belongs, is accepted, supports and is supported by his or her peers and other members of the school community while his or her educational needs are met.

We value working collaboratively with students, whanau, parents/caregivers, school staff and other professionals involved with the students. We also value all of our students and their diversity.

Our Support includes:

  • Conduct assessments in numeracy, reading, spelling and writing assessments to identify students’ learning needs and to monitor progress.
  • Work with students who need intensive support in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Provide Teacher Aides to work with students in classrooms.
  • Offer tutorial help to students who need assistance.
  • Offer specialist reading.
  • Design and implement a transition plans for students.
  • Develop and implement Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Provide Specialist Assessment Conditions (SAC). Some students may require special assessment conditions such as a reader and / or writer, extra time, computer use or separate accommodation to successfully complete assessments.
  • Offer constructive support to students whose behaviour affects their learning by working with students, whanau, teachers and other professionals.
  • Link students to programmes available through the Learning Centre.
  • Provide access to external agencies where appropriate.

Students are referred to Learning Support by their Teachers.

Enquiries from parents are welcome.