What’s it all about?

Physical Education and health has a role in enhancing the total wellbeing of a student and their community.

Our philosophy is designed around our students needs to be successful as they move in to in the ever changing world they live in. We strive to provide students with the skills to become resilient, self managing and to gain effective interpersonal skills.

Students are provided with opportunities that extend their sense of belonging and connection to their community.ki o rahi field

Over the year they will get involved in a range of activities including traditional sports and contemporary games.


They will be provided with outdoor activities and challenged to gain excellence in their NCEA work.

dive photo 2 dive trip

Tiki Ltl group photoThey will be given leadership opportunities, involved in community initiatives and encouraged to be the best that they can be.

PE is about how hard you try, how well you can communicate and the support you show to others.


How can you help your child be successful in PE and Health?

      • All students must bring a change of clothes to PE lessons.
      • If they are unable to participate or have a medical issue, please let their PE teacher know.
      • Encourage them to keep trying 