Student Support Services


The Pastoral care network at Tikipunga High School is responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of all students at the school and involves a variety of services and agencies that work in close collaboration. The Student Support Centre is open to students from 8.40pm to 2.10pm every day.

Counselling: The Guidance Counsellor offers a confidential service to students and can assist with any concerns that may be affecting them at school or home. The Guidance Counsellor also works with families.

Outside Agencies: A range of outside agencies are facilitated through the Student Support Centre including: Kids Can, Salvation Army, Doctor, Health Nurse, Family Counselling; Mental Health Services; Special Education, Health Camps; Mentoring; Psychologists and Health Services.

Tiki High Kai: Lunch is available to all students (no cost) at the café daily.


Health Nurse: Monday, 11.10am – 2.10pm

Doctor: Tuesday, 9.00am – 12.00pm

Guidance Counsellors: Monday to Friday, 8.40am – 3.10pm

Rubicon (Drug & Alcohol Counselling): Tuesday, 12.00pm (by appointment only)

Careers / Gateway (Located in L2): Tuesday to Thursday 9.00am – 3.00pm, (by appointment only)