Level 2 Sport n Recreation – League of Legends

For the past 6 weeks, the Level 2 P.E and Sport Rec students have been coaching two of our local rugby teams on Rugby League. The students had been working on developing their leadership skills in order to write an achievement standard and to receive a qualification from Northland Rugby League  (Leadership Through League). The final part of their program came together yesterday (Tuesday 11th June). They had to run a rugby league event, which 11 primary school rugby teams joined.  It was a great day with great weather and both the senior students and primary ones gained a lot of insight. The seniors focussed on social responsibility and leadership whilst the primary focussed on the development of their league skills through playing. There was no focus on the winner but on the continual develop of skills and good sportsmanship between the teams and their peers.  I was very proud of all involved.