On the 21st-23rd of May Shawn, Miss Rouse and myself traveled down to Auckland with a group of boys from Whangarei Boys High School to attend a program called M.U.N.A which stands for Model United Nation Assembly.

This was held at Auckland Girls Grammar.

At MUNA, different schools (mainly from Auckland) each representing a different country attend to present speeches, debate on remits, create amendments, and make allies with neighboring countries.  Pretty much a complete replica of the United Nations.

MUNA is a great opportunity for youth who want to get involved with politics and also a good place to make lifelong friends with billets, delegates and others attending this event.  From the beginning to the end, MUNA was a fantastic experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

By Isaac Clarkson

An amusing, whitty tribute about M.U.N.A, written by Shawn Hou:
Are you China be funny? 

Uruguay comebacks have done nothing to Sweden me up. Even if you do know how to Artic-ulate your words. You might be able to Greece your way around everyone else, but in Norway have you Seoul-d me over quite yet. If you think we Ghana sit by and let you defame our Aussie brothers, think again! U.S-pect us to Japan and fight, well we’ll Finnish it! You might think that Iraq-ing you up, but the fact of the matter is, your Euro-wn worst enemy.

You Rome about and Russian with little more than propaganda and all of a Sudan you will find yourselves Washington the river of de-Nile because all you are doing is Austria-cizing yourselves further. Don’t be surprised if you get a Chile reception. You can Crimea river for all I care, Cayman! 

But enough of this! Quite French-ly, Germany words have been spoken and we are not Nigerian a solution anytime soon. This war is Sicily. Iran from no man. You better Baghdad ass up and Malay your weapons down or you shall feel our full wrath.

If you Monaco, let’s take this outside and we’ll be Chad to teach you banana eating bohemians that Uganda-feat the Australians if you try. If your Hungary for War Denmark this spot. You’ve already brought the Greece we’ll bring the Turkey and together with our Aussie brothers, we’ll roast you like a Papa New Guinea-pig on a spit!

Irish you all the Lux in the world!

-from your loyal brothers, Luxembourg on behalf of Australia