News from “The Learning Centre”


Thursday 6th June 2014

Dear Parents / Caregivers

As we are half way through the term I thought it would be nice to share some of this terms activity with you.  The Students in the Centre have been very busy out in the Community the Mainstream and the Centre, the students have written about these wonderful learning experiences in their own words.

Just a reminder that we have the Boccia Tournament at the ASB Stadium on June 26th and we are continuing Swimming at the Aquatic Centre for the rest of this term and term 3.  We have been very fortunate to secure some sponsorship so that some of our Students can enjoy the Hydrotheraphy pool.  A big thank you to all of those concerned.


Sharon and all of the team that makes this Centre function so well.

We did soccer in Paihia, then I played the game and we are holding the ribbons.  We did not win the soccer game, that is ok we will win next time.  By Vivienne.At Workshop I made a cross I glued paua shells on my cross.  I painted the cross and waited for it to dry.  I worked with Mr Holman for painting and gluing.  I decided on a cross with paua shells.  I wrapped it up for Mum to see.  All of our class go to workshop on Fridays.  By Rory.

This is me doing paper mache at school; my hands were all wet from the glue.  We are making masks by covering a balloon with paper and glue.  By Callum.

All of these people were at my 21st party.  It was in the Sinclair Centre.  Everyone sat around the table and we ate lots of good food.  I liked my party and I felt very special.  By Casey.

We went to Paihia to play soccer, I kicked the ball through the goal, I got lots of goals.  This is us having lunch fun; I am having bread for lunch.  Mrs Hall bought us an ice block.  By Shaughne.

Trent, Callum, Casey and Rory are planting Banana palms in the school garden.  By Alex.

I kicked the ball to my team, me and Callum are practicing soccer skills ready for a soccer tournament at Paihia.  We had a great day.  By Trent.

Shaughne and I are planting some Rosemary in the garden by our classroom.  Mrs Cameron gave us lots of plants for Youth Week, we planted them all around the school.  By Shayla

On Wednesday last week we went to Paihia for our soccer tournament. Karla, Mrs Brickell, Alex, TeMaharanoa, Casey, Rory and Shayla were in my team and we came fifth.  It was a nice sunny day, at the end of the day we had ice cream and then we came back to school.  The best part of the day was playing with Bloomfield School.  By Toni

Rory and TeMaharanoa are cooking pasta bake for lunch.  TeMaharanoa got the ingredients for making pasta bake.  TeMaharanoa chopped the spring onions and the vegetables.  Rory got the frypan for cooking the bacon.  TeMaharanoa put the spring onions in the frypan with the bacon.   Rory put two cups of water and he put the hot water into the pot to cook the pasta.  When the pasta, bacon, onions and vegetables were cooked Rory and TeMaharanoa put the bacon, onions and vegetables and pasta onto a plate for lunch.  By Nicole

As you can see we are a very studious bunch of Students in the Learning Centre.

Casey Flowers holman paihia Shayla soccer Shaugnne Callum Ribbons