*Services Induction 2021*

Tikipunga High School’s Services Academy are currently on their way down to Whenuapai Airforce base this morning for a weeks-long induction camp.
The course, led by the New Zealand Defence Forces’ Youth Development Unit, was designed to introduce the students to the ethos and values of the academy through a military-style methodology that promoted and fostered teamwork. Students representing 13 service academies and schools from Huntly to Kaitaia will be in attendance.

For one week their day begins at 5.30 am and ends at 10.30 pm, their 17 hours being devoted to a continuous, relentless well-planned program that keeps them engaged pretty much every minute. Each day is different but the disciplines and the routines remain the same. For example, while everyone else is starting their normal day, the students will be up, shaved, showered, had a dress/room inspection, breakfast, washed their clothes, cleaned the toilets/showers and will be ready for the day’s activities, all by 0800.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow in a well-supported environment. We wish them all the best for their time away and look forward to their safe return on Sunday.