Values Voyages 2021

Sunsets Sunrises Sparkling Diamonds on the ocean

But  Not much puff!!

Value Voyage 1:  Steinlager 2 and crew welcomed 23 students, Alec (Principal) and John (teacher) from Tikipunga High School onboard Monday morning. Their pickup was from the gorgeous quaint Leigh Wharf.  We motored, sailed and motored to the Mokohinau Islands. Quickly got all ashore to hike up the hill to watch the sun go down from the lighthouse.  Bliss!

The morning swim at dawn and rising of the sun was through the crevice and cave to a tranquil lagoon.  Next destination was the Hen and Chicken Islands where we set up a water obstacle course including rope swings, yoga poses, push-up, manus, running across blow up kayaks, summer-salting on Steinlager’s large long fender, swimming through life rings and jumping on kayaks and flipping out.  It was a complete riot! Absolutely hilarious! They were also pushing through massive boundaries for most of them.  That evening after yet another outstanding sunset they lay on the foredeck under the sparkling kingdom of stars until a seal decided to check out the big red!! Then the shrieks of delight and laughter at discovering what the noise was quickly frightening the poor thing away.

In another incredible sunrise this morning we were able to hoist all sails, the breeze had come in so we had our breakfast sailing to Urquharts Bay Whangarei Head.

After a resounding random acknowledgment haka that brought tears to our eyes and shivers down our spine we farewelled these outstanding fantastic students.

As I type another 12 students and teachers from the schools Te Putahitanga Unit (TPT) have joined us and we now are finally sailing yet to another sunset at the Mokohinau Islands.

Values Voyage 2: As my last post was trying to find enough Wifi to arrive on your screens, the darkening ripple on the water starting building from the SSE. The wind was calling our name!  We saw we listened and altered course for Great Barrier.  We sailed under the darkening sky to where the stars had their time to shine and the phosphorescence trail we created in the water was stunning.

Whilst rinsing the dinner dishes in saltwater in the sink, the dishcloth and dishes sparkled with these little luminous plankton.  We anchored at Smokehouse Bay just after 2100. Our students didn’t take much rocking that night.  Next morning after a lot of hilarious water activities onshore and a visit to Glenfern sanctuary we sailed/motored sailed back across into the sunset to anchor the final night at Leigh.

I am at lost for words to describe the huge privilege of having this group of 10 students from Te Putahitanga (TPT) unit, Tikipunga High School onboard Steinlager 2 with Alec (Principal) Vinny (teacher head of unit) the crew and I. The memories of our shared laughter at their incredible character of resilience, their antic, actions and comments will last with me for ever. They absolutely  rocked our hearts.  So I’m going to ask my outstanding crew to help describe how this trip was for them.

Dillon – Splendidly memorable, building relationships that were hard to wave onward!!  Hilarious flamboyant adventures dearly missed awaiting the next trip with the fantastic High school big thanks to the students, principal and teacher’s outstanding work and enthusiasm

James – The students from TPT were some of the kindest, most courageous and hilarious young individuals I have ever met. It was such a pleasure to have them aboard. After only two and a half days it was very emotional to see them go. The beautiful waiata they farewelled us with left the crew close to tears. A memorable trip for all. Ngā mihi nui Tikipunga High School!

Jayme – The atmosphere these students brought onboard from the get go was pretty indescribable. We spent the whole 2 and a half days in fits of laughter, you couldn’t wipe the grin off any of our faces. Watching and supporting these kids pushing their own personal physical and mental boundaries was inspiring. It’s easy to say that we all went home truely impacted by the students. I know I definitely went home, having made some amazing friendships as well. What a privilege and trip that will stay with me for a long time to come.