Waipu Cove Bio Trip

With the weather looking slightly dodgy we set out for Waipu Cove on our annual science rocky shore visit. Luckily as we sailed through the roundabout at Ruakaka the clouds parted and sunshine followed us for the rest of the day. A quick chat to ensure safety and know how we set out to collect our data. The students ran transect lines from the lower shore up to the high tide line and used quadrats to record how the biodiversity changes as we move up the shore.  The pattern we observed is called zonation. The data collected will be used to inform our NCEA reports on zonation on the rocky shore.  Our mahi took around 1.5 hours to complete and then it was back to the carpark for a debrief and some kai. With the weather still holding Joe (our IHad navigator) got a game of touch rugby going and Calais was even brave enough for a shallow paddle! Thank you to Joe and Mike for accompanying us and helping to keep everyone safe and happy on our day out.