What happened at the ball?

Tikipunga High Schools Great Gastby Ball held on June 13th at Forum North was a glamorous night for our senior school. We had 3 photographers that night taking photos of all the students , we also had a cotton candy machine and music from DJ Harley J. We had spot prizes handed out throughout the whole night and also lolly scrambles.
The winners as follows:
  • King: Shane Witehira
  • Queen: Jessy Hemara
  • Duke: Shawn Hou
  • Dutchess: Celine Mackinven
  • Prince: Dominic Drummond
  • Princess: Jayden Ham
  • Best Dressed Male: Paul Stevens
  • Best Dressed Female: Courtney Batistich
  • Cutest Couple: Wayne Iripa and Jacinda Branson
Most of the senior students were involved in the organizing of the ball and throughout the night aswell with guidance from a few teachers. We hoped to make an everlasting impression on the senior school and glad to say they enjoyed it thoroughly. We’d like to thank Mrs.Moors , Mrs.Day , Mr.Solomon, Mrs.McMillan and Mrs.Ringrose. Also congratulations to the winners as mentioned above.


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