Year 8 – Sea Cleaners Project

On Thursday 30 May, Mr Mills and Mr Pishief took both year 8 classes on an action day.  We had been visited by Seacleaners at school and had arranged to participate in a community day.  Led by Skipper Tracey and her assistant we did a land based cleanup at the end on Port Road.  We found an interesting range of things, from balls to bottles, steel rings to rope.

At Limeburners creek we had a second site and we picked up a phenomenal amount of rubbish in an 80 metre strip.  All this rubbish has come down the Hatea river from our community.

We then went to the Riverside skate park for a shared kai and a drink of water, before returning to school.  The students were all surprised by the amount of rubbish they could find in such a small area.  Thanks to Mike Easterbrook and Isaac for their help driving and modelling expectations.  (by Mr Mills)