Year 9 Ski Trip



Year 9 Ski and Snowboard trip departed with ten year 9 students from a wide range of classes.  We left in 1 van at 12.15 pm on Thursday, to avoid the worst of the traffic in Auckland.  We stopped to pick up Peter Reinsfield and had a late afternoon tea and toilets at Bombay.  We headed on to Otorohanga for dinner and arrived at the accommodation in National Park at 8.30 pm.  After supper and a talk, the kids settled in to the 2 dorms for the night.
An early start was had on Friday, as we saw dawn rise over Mt Ngauruhoe.  A hearty breakfast was shared, then we headed up the mountain with 4 of the 10 preferring to try snowboarding.  The day was warm and sunny to start with, but busy in Happy Valley with another large group delaying our lesson time till the afternoon.  It was sheltered in Happy Valley learners area, and everybody perservered at their chosen code, with a great day being had by all.  That evening after a Burger and Chip dinner, volleyball was played, then an early night was had by tired students.
Saturday was forecast to be a pretty yucky day, and students were keen to get an early start.  It turned out to be windy with limited visibility, with fresh, dry snow falling in Happy Valley.  With their confidence up, and their gear sorted from the day before, students ripped straight into their runs.  Due to the poor visibility, we decided to restrict even the more capable skiiers to the beginners area.  The snow falling turned to slushy drizzle and students got wet and cold, eventually sharing hot chips in the cafe.  We left the mountain at 2.00pm stopping at Otorohanga for dinner and arrived back at school at 9 pm.  Students arranged  by phone and texts to be met by family members.
The students represented the school well at all times and were keen and positive. The lodge was well suited to us and our students with an area for volleyball to be played.  Students had great attitude and resilience, helping with cooking, lunches and cleaning as required.  The students benefited greatly from the experience of visiting a World Heritage Park, and seeing the mountain at its best and worst.

Many thanks for all those involved.