Year 9 Surfing and Kayak Trip

After cancelling camp, we felt there was a need to fill the void and reward those who had brought back consents and deposits on time, as well as creating a common bond and shared experience within the cohort that the camp would have done.

Mike Ferguson, assisted by Mel, took 11 students who had chosen surf lessons on the 19th of March, to Sandy Bay to meet the instructors and have lessons on how to ”hang ten”.  Mike Easterbrook and I took the 14 students who had selected to do kayaking, from Scow Landing to Ngunguru, on an outgoing tide. We had my boat as a rescue tender/baggage barge/tow vehicle and students took turns, rotating in to the boat for food/ rest etc as needed.

Standout students who assisted others and kayaked well were Ellen, Tinisha, Logan, Dominic and Mangaia. The students supported each other really well, swapping into double kayaks etc as needed.

I would like to thank Dennis from the Ngunguru Fire Brigade for relocating the vehicle for us, and Greg Mason and his building crew for temporarily sacrificing his roofing purlins and rustling up a kayak trailer frame for us!

I was reminded in a timely manner, how some or our students have very limited water skills and limited experiences. Many thanks to SLT, Mike, Mike and Mel for giving students this opportunity, as a great day was had by all.

John Mills