Student Leaders


Head Boy: Kruz Taua-Glassie

Kia ora 

Ko Kruz Taua-Glassie toku ingoa

No Whangaruru me Rarotonga ahau

Kia ora, my name is Kruz. I have attended Tikipunga High School for 7 years. and I am our Head Boy for 2023 


Head Girl: Ihapera Tairua-Cross

Kia Ora, Ko Ihapera Tairua-Cross ahau, 

I am head-girl at Tikipunga High School for 2023. 

I have attended Tiki for 6 years, this one being my 7th and I started here in year 7. For the most part, I enjoyed high school here at Tiki and all the experiences that I’ve been privileged enough to be a part of, will continue to be a part of and witness. When I finish school I intend to further my studies and head to University.