Te Putahitanga

At Te Putahitanga students are supported in every way by the management and staff at Tikipunga High School. Inclusion in mainstreaming occurs when an area of strength has been identified; students are supported by teacher aides where necessary in these classes. Students are mainstreamed for assemblies and Whanau classes they participate in all whole school events.

We view each student in Te Putahitanga as a unique learner. The Curriculum focuses on supporting each student to develop the skills they need to be an effective communicator, as independent as possible throughout their lives, and to reach their potential in all areas. We work towards Supported Learning Units that are relevant to their day to day lives. IEP’s ensure that goals are set for individual students.

We work co-operatively with outside agencies to ensure that our students are able to receive all supports necessary to enable them to function to the best of their abilities. Transition programmes are put into place to ensure that students are matched with activities that they are interested in when they are getting ready to leave school.

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