2016 Year 13 Dive Course Trip

In class we had covered most of the theory required by PADI. The pool dives went well with 7 students starting the practical. Many students faced challenges in the water, especially around mask removal and “out of air” training.

We did our shore dive at Urquharts Bay in calm conditions, followed the next day with our final dives and assessments at the Poor Knights. Conditions in the morning for the trip were below average, with warm rain settling in just prior to departure. The wind was forecast to get up during the day, so we were keen to get moving. We stopped en route to view the largest work-up of birds I have ever seen.

Final dives were done in Southern Arch and Blue Maomao giving students amazing experiences. A wet, lumpy trip home, followed by a paperwork session at the Mills’ house with hot chips, had us back at school around 5 pm.

Students faced many challenges along the way to completing their course, due to fitness, other school and sporting commitments as well as personal fears. As always the students represented the school well and supported each other to succeed. Many thanks to all involved for helping give the students this opportunity.

John Mills AKA Milsy