A word to the Senior School

Senior students met this week, at whanau time, to go over NCEA entries and reviewed their plans for moving forward. Students now have a copy of their NCEA entries page that shows what they are entered in and the credits attached to each standard. Students are learning how to keep track of their own credits and academic progress. Weekly, tracking hui will continue for senior year groups during whanau time.

Please encourage senior students to: Don’t Quit: Set Goals: Push themselves academically: Move: Do Awesome: You Got This!: No Excues

All senior students should have by now joined the Careers Department google classroom where they will find all information needed for their future plan. Our wonderful careers department has created these resources for students to use. It is important that students keep up to date with the latest opportunities available to them. It is now time that our Year 13’s to start looking at their transition out of school in 2021. It is not too early to start applying for Tertiary placements and scholarships.