On the 31st of July Tumai and I went on a five day advanced leadership course down in Mangawhai.  We were mentored by some of the New Zealand Defence Force, along with seventeen other students from the thirteen northern service academies. This course was to help us become leaders of today within our service academy and everyday life.

When we first arrived we were put into sections and to get to know each other we had to perform various icebreakers. These were the students we spent all week with. We were assigned with a section commander staff MacDonald. We learnt various leading skills including how to control and supervise a group of people.

After this we had two days of assessments in which we had to put our new skills to the test. Every trainee was given a task that they had to lead from start to end. This included briefing, planning, delegation and taking control.

The course meals were out of this world. Food included, roast, hamburgers and heaps of desserts. We were all strangers at the beginning and by the end of the course we were one big family.

By Ally Harris