M.U.N.A – Model United Nations Assembly

On the 15th -17th of May Nikita Latter, Celine Mackinven, Ms Rouse and I travelled down to Auckland with a group of boys from Boys High to attend a program called M.U.N.A, which stands for Model United Nations Assembly.  This was held at Auckland Girls Grammar.

At MUNA, different schools (mainly from Auckland) each representing a different country attend to present speeches, debate on remits, create amendments, and make allies with neighbouring countries.  Pretty much a complete replica of the United Nations.

MUNA is a great opportunity for youth who want to get involved with politics and also a good place to make lifelong friends with billets, delegates and others attending this event.

From the beginning to the end, MUNA was an enjoyable time, and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

By Herepainga Rawiri