Winter Sports

On Tuesday, 19th May, all of the year 7&8’s travelled by bus to Kensington Stadium to play a winter sport. I played netball; our team didn’t go so well. We lost all of our games but that was okay.

“Why don’t we go and watch the rippa-rugby play they’ve got one more game” our coach said.  The rippa-rugby team needed four more players so Xaviana, Shanaeyah, Mya and I ran on.  During rippa-rugby, out of nowhere, heavy rain pelted down. We won that game “yay!” we all shouted “why don’t we head over to see the basketball games?”

winter3 winter4

The basketball team won two and lost two games. I was bored and numb from the rain so I went where it was warm and watched the table tennis, Nathanael and Devonte were playing.  On the last game Nathanial didn’t want to play  so we asked Miss King if I could go on for him she said it was alright.  Davontae and I ended up playing my friend Chelsi and her friend Charlie. We won the two on two game and then on the singular I won my two games (The scores were 14-6 then 12-4). Davontae won one of his games (11-5) but lost the other by one (11-10).

On the way back to the bus Miss King gave Davontae,Nathanael and I a free Burger King coupon. Miss King saw an ink pen in my pocket and she asked if I wanted to swap with her for another pen. I had a look at the other pen it was a pink cylinder, that looked like it was a red pen, but it was actually a black pen. I thought it was cool, but before I said yes, I shyly said “if I can have another Burger King coupon then I’ll swap it” she agreed and we both said “yes”.

On the way back to school I was tired, sore and cold. At school, I got out of my netball uniform and walked home early so that was the end of my day.

Bonnie Durrant.