Year 11 Social Science Poor Knights Trip Report

Mr Mills left at 8 am with 9 students and headed out to Tutukaka.  After explaining basic boat protocol and expectations we fitted wetsuits and mooched out of the harbour to the Islands.  The 1 hour trip was pleasant, with a building wind and reasonable swell.


At the islands there was a cold wind blowing and a sloppy anchorage, but most got in the water and were blown away by the fish life present.  One student stayed on board and succumbed to sickness, whilst the others checked it all out.  After hot chocolates and a trip through Rikoriko cave our second site was Blue Maomao Arch.

Poor Knights1The boat was swinging widely at anchor, and those with poor timing had long swims to the entrance!  Inside the arch there were strong surges, wind and a cross swell stirring it all up, so we didn’t stay long in there.  There were larger fish there, but in fewer numbers.  Back at the boat they just hung around the stern, chatting and jumping off etc.  At trip through the Southern Arch was followed by a lumpy trip home, and a great day was had by all.

As always our students represented the school well and were positive and friendly towards the other divers.   Seeing the students talk and listen to the people on the boat, who have come from Denmark and Portugal, you realise how much they are absorbing about life, opportunities and the place.  Many asked questions relating to their assessment and all learned about the special nature of the Poor Knights.