Year 13 Seakayaking Trip

After a theory session at school in term 1, we had our first skills day with Ken Tipene and Mark Garry at Wellingtons Bay. We learnt techniques, before heading across to the sandspit and over to Goat Island.
On the second day, we headed out to Sandy Bay, stopping en route to unload gear at Matapouri Hall. The morning was spent honing skills in the surf, which was generally, but not exclusively, small
and consistent. A few struggled to master the beach landings initially, but most persevered. The surf increased a bit as the wind picked up, causing the odd capsize, but Mark got all back to shore
intact. After a big fry-up of Bacon and sizzlers, the second part of the adventure began.  We loaded up our kayaks and headed out through the breakers to begin our journey across Wooleys
Bay and around to Matapouri. We broke up the trip with a landing at Pebbley Bay and a kick back in the sunshine, before heading around into Matapouri and up the river. Students loaded and secured Bridge jumping and whoopies led to Table Tennis and volleyball, which was followed by a huge feed of homemade burgers. An early night was had by all, with the last people getting into bed at 9.30pm.
Thursday began early, with a pack up/ clean up of the Hall, followed by an easy outgoing tide pulling us out of the Matapouri estuary. A light Northerly helped us down the coast, with a brunch stop for sizzlers, bacon, onions, eggs and kina. As the wind picked up we flew down the coast to Tutukaka, rounding the headland in time for a swim at the Marina Beach, before loading up and heading for Stand out performers were Jarome and Bill, assisting and leading those who needed extra support.
Huge thanks to Mark Garry for supporting this new initiative. Students had many opportunities to show leadership and participate in a new and challenging experience.

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