Year 13 September Sandpit Walk

We left period 4 with 6 year 13 and four year 11 students who needed to complete an outdoor activity  assessment.  With a dropping tide and an offshore breeze I knew the paddle to the Sandpit would be easy!

Two dinghies and 3 kayaks were used to access the walk.  The students’ rowing techniques were innovative, resembling more of a waka/dragon-boat technique than anything you’d  witness at a Masandspit1 adi Cup campaign.  Risks were identified by the students prior.

Due to its tapu nature, we walked around the spit end, with students delighting in the soft sand, practicing their Kapa Haka Knee drops etc, with much giggling.  The endangered birds were identified and left alone as students chose to run the length of the beach.

Some braved the waist deep water at the Mussel Rock end, and fun was had by all.  We rowed back to the shop, and headed home .   A great experience was had by all.  Many thanks to locals who lent me their dinghies.

John Millssandspit2
Social Studies Teacher