Year 13s Go Diving

2014 Year 13 Dive Course Trip

31 March – 3 April 2014:

In class we had covered most of the theory required by PADI. The pool dives went well with 16 students starting the practical. Liam and Kane were carrying injuries so were never going to be involved in the open water dives, but completed all the theory necessary. Ezarm lost her confidence (the only student to do so) and pulled out.

We left for Matauri Bay with 11 students for 2 long days on the water.  Steps are being made to ensure the 5 who started the course can complete it with Divezone, by joining in with other groups at later dates. All are aware of the need for them to do this, so they can get their certification and credits.

Students faced many challenges along the way to completing their course, due to other commitments and personal fears. As always the students represented the school well and supported each other to succeed. Many thanks to all involved for helping give the students this opportunity.

Got loads of Go-Pro footage!

2014_diving1 2014_diving2