Year 7 and 8 October Camp

Mr MIlls. Ms Reynolds and Ms Jones left with 35 students by bus to Marine Education Recreation Centre at Long Bay.  Our first day was spent learning  about the coastal environment and doing Team building activities.  We built shelters as a team and cooked up damper to eat.  After this we had an evening swim.  That night we played games, such as “Eating the hanging donut blindfolded!” and skipping competitions, followed by an epic game of Spotlight.

The second day started with an early beach walk, spotting dolphins and rock pool adventures.  We then had 3 activities to take part in.  The sailing was great as we headed out towards the Spirit of Adventure ship.  The Giant’s ladder was a challenge for many, as they climbed in pairs, supporting eachother on the way up and down.  Raft building taught many new skills and was a blast when we tried to get them moving.  We ended the day with an evening swim.  A visit to the park and flying fox in the dark on the second night was followed by Spotlight again.  We also had a massive rope for a group skipping contest.

On the last morning we cleaned up and had Team games in the park.  A tired but sleepless bus trip home finished off a wonderful experience.  Many thanks to Mrs Martin for giving us this opportunity.